Physical persons

In the context of constant regulatory changes, there are an increasing number of local and foreign physical persons, who need professional assistance for their personal taxation. The more frequent practice of the tax administration to control and levy high fines to physical persons – landlords, attorneys, dentists, doctors, engineers and other specialists with private practice, lead to expanding the range of the offered by DMS Consult professional services in the sphere of individual taxation. Part of the services offered to local and foreign physical persons are:


    • Preparation of payment orders for social security and health contributions of specialists with private practice;
    • Calculation and preparation of payment orders for advance and annual personal income tax in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA);
    • Preparation and submission of declarations for the due and paid social security and health insurance contributions;
    • Registration and deregistration as per Value Add Tax Act (VAT Act);
    • Preparation and submission of monthly VAT declarations, VIES declarations, VAT sales and purchase registers as per requirements of Value Add Tax Act (VAT Act).
    • Preparation and submission of annual tax returns for the annual income as per the requirements of (PITA);
    • Verification of social security books.